Getting Started

You are hiring us to design a travel experience for you. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel overwhelmingly confident in our ability to do this, and be so elated with our service, that you are compelled to call on us time and time again. Our fees for this service are as follows:

Initial Consultation

This is where we speak to discuss your initial trip thoughts in order to prepare an itinerary tailored to your needs.

Cost: Complimentary


This is where, together, we discuss your trip or travel needs in detail. A trip estimate may be provided at this time.

Cost: Complimentary

Design & Execution

We research and design your experience with our vendors. We will create a sketch based on your needs and desires.

Cost: Sliding (Details Below)



We will be using our existing relationships, negotiated fares and discounts, buying power, and years of experience to create a sketch breaking down your trip. An average planning fee for vacation travel (aka FIT, Leisure trip, Touring, Resorts) ranges between $250-$750.

  • This fee is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to: advanced notice, airline/credit card programs being used, time of year and number of travelers, etc. This fee will be determined and agreed upon during our planning discussion or client consultation.

  • Once sketch is approved, there is a $50 charge per traveler when on the same itinerary or $65 per traveler when on different itineraries (i.e. different cabin or different routing requiring separate services)

  • Fees for a corporate traveler account, group movement or event begin at $50 per ticket / per person.

  • If not requiring a detailed itinerary, including weekend or short getaways, hotel only reservations are available. There is no fee for completed stays, only for those that are researched and not used or booked then canceled. The choice is yours and we are happy to discuss. In addition to discounted rates, we are often able to include added amenities such as Daily breakfasts, complimentary activities and resort credits, as well as upgrades at properties around the world.

What Do You Agree To Do?

As our customer, you agree to provide us with everything that we need to complete our task efficiently. This includes, but is not limited to: passport copies, frequent flyer numbers, budget, what you’d like to accomplish on your trip, and most importantly, your preferences (i.e. how you like to travel). You agree to review our work carefully and provide feedback or give approval in a timely manner. While we will inform you of all deadlines and cancellation policies, you are responsible for following all terms and conditions associated with your reservations.


We have been serving both high profile and high net worth individuals for decades. It is understood and agreed to that we will keep confidential any information you provide to us. We will sign and insist, when necessary, that our vendors sign a confidentially agreement as well.

This service agreement is about our relationship; Alyssa Scott, Travel Consultant at Protravel international and you.


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