How do high-level hospitality and one-of-a-kind experiences mindfully rooted in sustainability sound to you? Our cruising partner, Hurtigruten, is committed to caring for guests, wildlife, nature, and the communities they visit, delivering unforgettable cruising experiences unlike many have experienced.

Imagine the wild beauty of the Galápagos Islands, seeing iconic wildlife while kayaking, snorkeling and paddleboarding. Picture an immersive journey along the Norwegian coastline, taking in the history, stories and flavors at various carefully selected ports. Envision cruising through polar waters alongside experts, exploring Antarctica on land and sea. See Alaska differently through the Great Land’s nature, culture, and people. These are just some of the expeditions Hurtigruten offers, and with a legacy of 130 years guiding travelers to remote and pristine locations, they consistently deliver rich and memorable travels.

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The wild beauty and unique ecology of the Galápagos Islands make for the perfect expedition cruise destination. See giant tortoises, marine iguanas, Blue-footed Boobies, and other iconic Galápagos wildlife. You’ll venture to destinations off the beaten path, where you can try kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and more. The friendly Expedition Team are locally hired, multilingual Galápagos experts. They’ll share their vast knowledge about the Galápagos Islands fascinating history and science through inspiring lectures.

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Sail the full length of the Norwegian coast, including Norway’s oldest lighthouse at Lindesnes, the country’s southernmost point, and the northernmost point of North Cape, covered in snow at 71° north. You’ll spend up to six hours at the ports that best showcase the iconic flavors, adventures, and pristine beauty of Norway. Experience an authentic connection to the heritage, stories, and wild beauty of the Norwegian coast.

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Hurtigruten has sailed these polar waters for over 20 years. Explore Antarctica’s epic landscapes, from snowy mountains and jagged peaks to icebergs and glaciers. See spectacular wildlife, including Antarctica’s famous penguins, whales, and seals. Guided by the Expedition Team, you’ll actively explore Antarctica on hikes, in a kayak, as a Citizen Scientist, or even camping in Antarctica. The Expedition Team will also give lectures about Antarctica on topics from glaciology, marine biology and history to photography and ornithology.

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Alaska is framed by vast forestland and towering mountain ranges, with immense glaciers, deep fjords, and vast stretches of wilderness. Keep an eye out for eagles, bears, and whales while exploring the varied landscape in a kayak or on a hike, and experience Alaska’s diverse nature, cultures, and people. Sail beyond Anchorage to Nome, and experience even more of the Great Land. Discover the history and science through lectures and hands-on projects led by the Expedition Team of experts.

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