Get ready to pack for a variety of destinations and climates! I have some epic cruise journeys I know you’ll fall in love with, and I wanted to share which airlines offer the best entertainment for your journey to the departing port.

Expedition and around-the-world cruises provide ultimate itineraries, packed with international destinations in otherwise hard-to-reach places. Let’s connect to arrange a journey of a lifetime, filled with Instagram-worthy sights, new friends and entertaining flights.


You’ll discover 28 countries in 138 days when you cruise from Fort Lauderdale to London on a Viking World Cruise. After your Florida departure, you’ll stop at select destinations in Mexico, Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand and even Australia. In Asia, you’ll discover Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and India, then it’s off to the Middle East before your final European destinations in Italy, Spain, Portugal and England.

I also have several other world itineraries in mind; ask me about visiting six continents on one voyage.

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Expedition Cruising | Combine Unique Cultures and Rare Wildlife

I’ve been thinking about cruises that transform world perspective. Expedition cruising takes you to some of the most remote and pristine places on the planet. I’ll show you how to go beyond the usual highlights and iconic cities to hidden vistas where you’ll encounter rarely seen wildlife — elks to eagles, penguins to polar bears, and walruses to whales!

Through Hurtigruten Expeditions, you’ll choose from destinations like Greenland, Iceland, the Svalbard archipelago, West Africa and many more unique adventures.

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In-flight Entertainment | the Airlines That Offer Superior Movie Options

Exploring farther may mean longer flights back home, but that’s no problem when you have world-class service and entertainment at your fingertips. JetBlue’s newer aircraft — the A320 Restyled, A321 and A321neo — have 10.1-inch, high-definition touch screens on every seatback, providing full seasons of on-demand TV and dozens of movies.

Delta offers an estimated 300 movies; on some flights, passengers can enjoy 18 channels of live satellite TV. By the end of 2023, Delta will offer free Wi-Fi on international jets in addition to domestic mainlines.

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Book Human | I’ll Ask the Right Questions

As a travel advisor, I don’t just provide answers. I ask questions, too! I want to get to know you, especially when it comes to longer trips like an adventure expedition or a world cruise. Your vacation style and preference will help me make tailored recommendations just for you.

My primary goal is to exceed your expectations — even when something doesn’t go according to plan. We’ve all been there! Throughout your trip, I’ll only be a phone call away in case the “what if” happens. Let’s work together until you’re 100% satisfied with your travel plans.

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